Ordering Custom Names & Blessing Art

Any WORD, any QUOTE, any NAME, can be placed on any piece of ART.



1.  Choose Artwork

2.  Choose Word or Quote or Name (word color will be matched to artwork)

3. Call or email Nishima, 888-843-3323, artketubah@gmail.com, to complete your order


Presentation:  Canvas print mounted on wood frame.  Wood is stained aspen, 1.5″ deep.  Canvas is an archival giclee.

Wood Framing for Canvas












Small:               $50         7″ – 10″ square

Medium:           $85        11″ – 14″ square

Large:               $100      15″ – 18″ square

Non-square sizes vary, with similar prices.  Larger sizes are available.


Words:  2 Options

1.  Raised wood letters (see this page for examples)

2.  Calligraphy letters added to image (see this page for examples)



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