Artist Statement

I work in every contemporary art medium I can get my hands on.
Painting in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and encaustic, hand-building
with clay, wood, glass and stone, collage-making with colorful papers,
gold and silver leaf, wood, and fabric arts, all allow me to express
my ideas and images through my multimedia creations.

The three strongest influences on the content of my artwork have been
travels and pilgrimages throughout the US, Russia, India, Israel,
Europe and Turkey; camping and hiking extensively in various natural
settings; and the connection I feel with people, my models. My
personal love for intense color and powerful forms brings dynamic
energy and movement to my works.

The narrative for my work speaks of the spiritual:  Pilgrimages,
Possibilities and Transformations. This journey describes both my
creations and my life as an artist. I explore color and shape as a
way of vibrating with the holy. My subjects include iconic forms;
interior emotions and states; holy sites and gatherings; images,
symbols and words taken from religious traditions; and the texture of
relationship between myself and the people and places I depict.

My life in community and family frames my art and transforms my
art-making into a constant stream of communication with others. From
collaborating in the creation of art shows and projects to building
with clay in my kitchen to teaching various art forms to raising
children to happily play in my studio, I constantly find ways to
include others in my creative life. This process spills into a
two-way communication:  as my art touches those around me, they
in turn touch and impact my art, so that the end result is (hopefully) greater
than all of us.


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